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P. Veerasenan

Fifty years ago, in early 1950, a young Labour activist was shot dead by the British. His age was barely 30. His name was P.Veerasenan.

Like many others in the history of Malaysia, he was labeled a communist.

Fifty years after his death last Sunday - 3.9.2000, around 200 youths and adults gathered at Ampar Tenang estate. They were mostly footballers as well as spectators. They came to participate in the Veerasenan Cup 2000.

The photo of P. Veerasenan and a short background of him were also distributed while his photo was part of the decoration in between clenched fist logo of the socialist party.

P.Veerasenan was remembered and will be remembered as a comrade of all workers. He was an active unionist in the 40s.

He became the secretary general of the Harbour Labour Union. His brave and firm leadership made him an active unionist at the national Level.

Besides being a committee member of the strong Pan-Malayan Federation of Trade Union (PMFTU), he was also the President of one section of the Singapore General Labour Union.

On 18.6.1948, the British - to curb the uprising workers movement as well as Malay Left nationalist - declared an emergency.

Thousands of labour and political activists were arrested and labeled communist. A number of them ran to the jungle to continue their struggle. Veerasenan was one of them.

It was reported that Veerasenan joined the Malayan Races Liberation Army led by the Malayan Communist party to seek liberation from the colonialist British.

In early 1950, in one of his missions, he was shot dead by the British.

Today, twelve teams from various estates took part in a football tournament held at Ladang Ampar Tenang, Dengkil. The home side Ladang Ampar Tenang who beat Ladang Rincing in the final on penalty shoot-out won the tournament.

The score was 4-3. Prices were given by some workers to the top six teams. The tournament is in its eighth year and is organised by Community Development Centre (CDC) and The Plantation Workers Committee.

P.Veerasenan is introduced to the youths of today as a symbol of bravery and sacrifice in fighting for workers rights. Among some of his great achievement along with other worker leaders were:

  1. Increased the daily wage from 55 cents to 95 cents
  2. Reduced the working days from seven to six
  3. Established 8 working hours a day.
  4. Employers must provide drinking water, housing and sanitation facilities for workers.

The history of P.Veerasenan and other great fighters like him has been hidden from the public. The capitalist and the British feared them and had to put them to death.

Veera which means brave in Tamil is a symbol and the aspiration and the hope for the youths of tomorrow.

Long Life Veerasenan!!! Long Life the Peoples Struggle!!!

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