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Kampung Sg Nipah
chairperson acquitted

30.8.2000, Shah Alam Magistrate Court

T.Mohan, chairperson of the Kampung Sg. Nipah Urban Settlers Committee and two other settlers from Kampung Sg. Nipah were acquitted after the police could not produce any witnesses against the three.

On 24.9.1999, the three along with twenty other Urban Settlers from Kampung Sg. Nipah prevented the Developer and their thugs from entering their Kampung to start work. The developers' thugs at that time had brought with them weapons such as parangs, sticks, chains etc.

The Royal Malaysian police totaling around twenty people were also there led by the acting OCPD, Zulkafly.

The police immediately gave protection to the developers and their armed thugs. When the Sg. Nipah villagers continue to obstruct the developers from entering their land for forty years, the police immediately started to arrest the settlers and dispersed the rest.

Seven people were arrested in which four of them were women. While the seven were taken to the lock-up, the developer along with their workers and their thugs with police protection fenced the area and brought in their machine.

The four women were released seven hours later but the three men including the chairperson were remanded for three days. The remaining settlers fearing the thugs, remained in the police compound the entire night.

On the fourth day, the police requested the three to be further remanded but the court instructed them to be released immediately. On 28.8.2000, the police charged the three - T.Mohan, Saravanan and Arasu for rioting. They were released on police bail amounting RM 700 each.

The case was then postponed four times as the police were unable to bring the witnesses. Lawyer of the settlers, Sdr. Teng Chang Khim called for their release from the first date stating that the police do not have a case. Finally on 30.8.2000, the three were acquitted, as the police were once again unable to produce witnesses.

With the acquittal, there are still two cases pending in Kampung Sg. Nipah. One is the contempt proceeding against the Developer, District Police Chief and District Officer while the second is the unlawful assembly trial against six people, which includes PSM National Chairperson Comrade Nasir Hashim.

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