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19.11.2000, Kuala Lumpur

Today the Indah Water Consortium (IWK) Union in its General Meeting called for a nation wide picketing to protest on the issue of annual bonus and annual increment. The call was made at the Union's General meeting at Pantai attended by around a hundred workers. The members are part of the 800 strong union members of the newly activated Indah Water Consortium Union.

At the meeting the members unanimously endorsed a resolution seeking a nationwide picket. The picket is called after Indah Water Consortium freezed their annual increment since three years ago. Besides that workers felt cheated when the company did not fulfill their promise for a bonus in June 2000.

The meeting today was attended by Union Chairperson Comrade Maniam, National Secretary Mat Nor and Executive Secretary V.Selvam. PSM Secretary General Comrade Arutchelvan and Central Committee member Kunasekaran was guest of honour to the function and also addressed the workers. Among the issues raised were workers unity and class alliances.

The meeting ended with the workers deciding that they will next discuss the picket moves with fellow workers at their respective district and regroup again to carry out the action.

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